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Network Security

Data and transaction security are vital to businesses. In the article by “Host Merchant Service” it talks about the importance of how to keep your business data, including your customers’ data, safe and secure. The article talks about the three security Levels of Data. In the merchant account business there are different levels of data. This three … Continue reading “Network Security”

FINTECH COMPANIES – Giving people more banking options

  An article on Harvard Business School, Jake Kindall shares his idea how a new breed of financial technology (or Fintech) companies is unbundling banks in the developing world. There is a huge rush of capital & talent into startups over the past five to six years. These startups attacking all of the components of … Continue reading “FINTECH COMPANIES – Giving people more banking options”

Face book Beating Other Digital Marketing Channels

    Marketing is often a critical part of a firm’s success, but its importance must be considered. large manufacturers such as Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, Toyota, and Sanyo, marketing contribute high expenditure, as these businesses depend on the effectiveness of their marketing effort. Whereas, small business which is providing one of a kind product, … Continue reading “Face book Beating Other Digital Marketing Channels”

Understanding Online Payment Services -Complete Payment guide

Small organizations collect payments mainly through cash or cheque. While this might be working for you at the moment, adding online payments provides a number of advantages to you and your supporters. People are increasingly comfortable paying online. As online payments are faster than manual payments, it made the whole process very easy – from submitting … Continue reading “Understanding Online Payment Services -Complete Payment guide”